The Process

The one thing that I know you will agree with is that it is impossible for PMI to develop a marketing strategy for your company, if we don’t understand your company, business and goals. So, we begin each project filling in the blanks. This gives us a starting point.

Once the strategy is understood and laid out in a detailed plan, we can begin looking at the steps to achieving success, the timeline and the budget. Deliverables are produced so that each team member has the same vision and goals.

Now, we are ready to dig in and begin the process of creating your company’s marketing strategy. We don’t stop here. The only way we know if our strategy is working, is to analyze the results. We have several different options available in which we look at the data over specified time increments, review it and make any adjustments. We are only successful and have met our goal, if the plan succeeds.

Whether you want to enhance your existing plan, start a new plan or go in a new direction, PMI is the company to help you along the way.

We have a long list of satisfied clients. View our portfolio or contact us to discuss our approach in greater detail.